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Stephanie Festejo

CEO Mind.Body.Lifestyle
Health & Fitness Lifestyle Coach

Stephanie Festejo is a NASM certified Health & Fitness Lifestyle Coach and CEO of Mind.Body.Lifestyle. Coach Steph has transformed the health and lives of thousands of people all across the world. In her Mind.Body.Lifestyle Program, Coach Steph goes into the 5 Essential Key Components to build a sustainable fit lifestyle:

1) Mindset

2) Habits

3) Nutrition

4) Movement

5) Reset

Coach Steph works closely with her clients on building their health from the inside out through her proven method.

What you will gain from working with Coach Steph:

Strong Mindset

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Food Freedom

Sculpted & Toned Physique

Muscle Definition

Decrease of BodyFat

Increase of Energy

Healthy Lifestyle

    Why Choose Steph:

    Coach Steph is 100% percent committed to getting her clients to their ultimate health and fitness goals. She has the passion, heart , drive, and willingness to work with her clients on both a personal and professional level to create a fun program that will make a positive impact in their lives. Coach Steph has the knowledge and skills set to transform your life from the inside out. She will help build your mindset to succeed on your fitness journey and all areas of your life.

    Fun Facts about your Coach:

    • Big Warriors Fan
    • Athlete preparing to compete in the bodybuilding bikini division
    • Plays Guitar
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